La Tour de France

La Tour de France

Today we went on a 30 kilometer (20 mile) bike ride. It was exhausting and the weather wasn’t great (a slight drizzle the entire way there that got us soaked), but it was fun nonetheless. We biked to the Bouchemaine (mouth of the Maine river) and then to the point where the Loire and Maine rivers meet, and then on to our final destination, a tiny town called Béhuard where we had a delicious crepe lunch. It was beautiful (and mostly flat) the entire way there, and certain parts of the country that we biked through smelled like rain, wood smoke, and honey. It was amazing.

The little (and I mean little, like there’s only one road for cars) town was sooooo adorable and the guy who ran the crepe restaurant was super nice. The town also happens to be on an island, so sometimes it floods completely. Wild.

It was a true pastoral France experience, and even though my entire body is sore and I did more exercise than I have all year, it was an awesome day. I’m so glad the teachers (thanks Jeff, Françoise, and Sophie, if you’re reading this!)

See you in the next post,