Nantes + Paris

Nantes + Paris

Long time, no post! Sorry, but I had very sporadic connection in Nantes and Paris. I had a great time in both places. Paris wasn’t new to me–though awesome nonetheless–but Nantes was a totally new place for me. It was kind of chaotic, but a great week exploring the two cities. We visited museums, went to parks, walked along the rivers, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Since we did so many things, maybe I’ll just list them all here, but with only a brief description of each.


  • The local Château (I don’t know the exact name) Included is a picture I took of the castle’s lawn/moat from a turret. nantes castle lawn.jpg
  • Parks
    • Including the Jardin de Plantes, a huge, beautiful garden with tons of ducks/ducklings and ponds, plants, flowers, etc.
  • Slavery memorial (lots of Humanities connections here)
    • A memorial along the water for all of the slave ships that came out of or went into Nantes, which is a big port city. There were quotes along the memorial from the likes of Toussaint Louverture, leader of the Haitian Revolution, to Toni Morrison and MLK, Jr.
  • Machine Island
    • Machine Island is an arts quarter in Nantes that has giant machines, including a humongous mechanical elephantmachine elephant
    • A modern art museum on the island
  • A cathedral
    • Very pretty and Notre Dame-esque. Some of the stained glass windows had pastel colors that were super cool.
  • A Fête Foraine
    • A Fête Foraine is essentially a fair, complete with junk food and crazy rides for thrill-seekers. I rode two rides, one called the “Bombermaxx” and one called “The Shaker.” No, I did not throw up.


  • Lots of museums
    • Louvre (I ended up not going because my mom came to visit, but I’ve been to the Louvre twice. So no big deal.)
    • Musée Rodin
      • Located at the former house of Auguste Rodin himself, the Rodin museum showcases a cool timeline of Rodin’s sculptural works. It’s a small museum, so it’s not an overwhelming amount of sculpture. There’s also an entire room dedicated to Camille Claudel, mistress and muse of Rodin. She herself was a sculptor, arguably even better than Rodin. Girl power!
    • Musée d’Orsay
      • A pretty big museum with lots of Impressionist paintings, but also sculpture and more classical art styles. Included is a Van Gogh painting of his room. I have a print of this painting in my room, which I ironically got from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam–while the real painting is in the Orsay. chambre van gogh
  • The grand mosque of Paris
    • I don’t think the actual mosque is open to the general public, but they have a little cafe there where we sat and got some delicious mint tea and pastries. Mmm.
  • The ruins of an ancient Roman gladiator theater
    • Just me, Françoise, and one other student went. There wasn’t much left of the theater, but it was cool to stand in the ring and imagine you were a beefy Roman gladiator.
  • A bunch of gardens
  • A boat tour of the Seine
    • We went at dusk, so the stars were just coming out and it was super pretty. I also took a pretty cool picture of the Eiffel Tower, which I’ll include here. eiffel tower
  • Notre Dame
    • Pretty self-explanatory. We didn’t go inside, though. I’ve been in before, so again, not a big deal. I’ll show you guys a picture of the outside, though.notre dame

Well, that’s all for now.

See you in the next post,



One thought on “Nantes + Paris

  1. Whew! I’m tired just reading your post… so many great experiences. Love the pics too! Interesting note on Rodin and his muse/co-sculptor. I’ve always wanted to see that museum. Can’t wait hear more.

    Talk soon and love you, Dad


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