La Salle de Discipline

La Salle de Discipline

Since I didn’t post on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (and I probably won’t post on those days in the future) I’ll give a brief recap of each day.


Nothing much happened, we just went to school with our host families. Although on Fridays everyone ends school early, around 2:00pm, so I went out with Justine and some of her friends. We went to a McDonald’s, which I found totally ironic.


In the morning, I went out to a farm to watch Justine horseback ride. It was pretty cool, but I didn’t have much to do–I was kind of hoping to ride! But it’s fine, since they were doing some pretty complicated stuff and I’ve only rode Western, not English.

In the afternoon, Justine and I went into Angers to go shopping. I ended up getting a t-shirt while she got a pajama shirt and some nail polish. It was cool just to explore the city some more too.


We hung around in the morning and then went to a nearby town for some activities in the afternoon. We went to an art show, which was really cool. We also walked along the Loire River and it was so pretty. Oh I almost forgot! We went to this tiny little museum in an old house/castle in town, which was fun, but this lady talked our ear off and I could only understand every other word that she said. There was this one room there called the “Salle de Discipline” which literally translates to “Room of Discipline.” I thought it was hilarious, hence the title of this post.

So, overall, a pretty great weekend!

Today, it was more classes with our host families. Tomorrow will be more exciting as we’re going to another chateau :).

See you in the next post,



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