The Beginning

The Beginning

We’ve finally arrived in Paris after a 9 hour flight from Seattle. I’m currently sitting in Charles de Gaulle airport with the rest of the trip group waiting for our train to Angers, which doesn’t come until three o’clock. Everyone has begun to do their own thing at this point. Journaling, drawing, the like. One of our chaperones is asleep and I’m honestly impressed. We’re outside and the chairs are tiny with hard wooden slats. I can’t even sleep on planes.

It’s a pretty day, though, if not a bit cold. The skies are totally blue with not a cloud in sight. I can even hear some birds despite being in the middle of an international airport. 

There’s not much to say or do, but I thought I’d make a post saying that I got here. Might as well kill some time during the three or so hours I have left until the train comes. Then it’s another three hours and we’ll finally be in Angers.

I think I’m going to sign off now. 

See you in the next post,



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